Special GEO Handling.

 Described features apply to Proxy Switcher version 7.3.0 or newer.


There are a few cases where you might want to treat servers from certain countries in a special way. For example, servers from China in general do not work well. At least for majority of the users. So we need an option to mark these servers as Dead. This issue prompted initial implementation of this feature.

Effectively this allows creation of country based blacklist or whitelist. Also there you can force server placing into non-default folders.

Processing Rules

When the proxy server is checked it goes through all the rules starting from top (first) to bottom (last). So the order of rules is important!

Each rule is evaluated:

  • If it is enabled (checkbox is checked)
  • If Country matches one specified in a rule / Matches any (all) countries
  • If proxy state (alive, dead, etc.) matches the rule / Matches any state
If the rule is executed then evaluation of subsequent rules is stopped.
Only one rule per country can be active.


To access this feature go to View->Preferences and click on "Special GEO Options". Default rules are set to blacklist servers located in China:

Whitelist example

In this second example a whitelist is setup - servers in Germany and USA would be processed normally. Rest - would be marked as dead.

To add new rule press button with an arrow (located on top of [1] mark). Checkboxes in the column [2] enable or disable special rules. [3]Is used to delete a rule. [4] and [5] can be used to change order of rules.

For each country you can set one of the processing actions [6]:
  • Normal processing
  • Mark as Dead
  • Mark as Permanently Dead
  • If working - place in folder [7]
  • Always place in folder [7]
  • Filter by type
    • If proxy state matches any of selected a server will be placed in the selected folder [7]