Anonymous Browsing Using Socks servers

What are Socks servers

Socket servers work at lower level (socket level) compared to HTTP servers. In case of HTTP proxy browser pretty much tells it - "Hey, go fetch that page for me!". As in case of socks servers - it can ask only to establish a connection to some server, rest is done by the browser (or in this case by Proxy Switcher).
There are certain benefits to using socks servers:
  • Socks usually works faster than HTTP proxy servers.
  • Socks servers inherently qualify as Elite-SSL.

Socks & Proxy Switcher Pro

Proxy Switcher PRO version since release 5.0.0 supports socks servers. If you switch to socks server Proxy Switcher will emulate it as HTTP proxy server. So it will work same way as you use regular HTTP servers.

Internet Explorer and socks servers

Here is an observation I made. Internet Explorer doesn't seem to play nice with socks servers. The issue is it says proxy is unreachable most of the time. Looks like problem is that IE is made to work with servers with very low latency (that are on LAN). So you make sure your Proxy Switcher has preferences Internet Explorer Control set to auto.


Things required to use socks servers through Proxy Switcher:
  • Registered version of Proxy Switcher Pro version 5.0.0 or newer
  • If you have had version older than 5.0.0 installed on your machine: check that Internet Explorer Control in preferences is set to auto
  • That's it - use them same way as regular servers