Stop Group Policy from overriding your proxy settings.

Group Policy & Proxy settings.

 Proper Windows 8 support for this feature is starting from version 5.5.1. Running earlier versions with Windows 8 can cause trouble.

If your machine is a member of domain, then it could be that every 5 to 90 minutes your proxy settings get changed. It happens if domain controller pushes out group policy settings. But there is a way avoid such annoying behavior.

Proxy Switcher can stop proxy changes by group policy settings.

Solution is to go to View->Preferences... from main menu. Then in General tab make sure the checkbox While active, protect against external proxy changes (like a group policy).

How does it work

If you are interested - this is how it works: when GPO is refreshed Windows writes updated proxy settings into registry. Thus the proxy settings get changed. What Proxy Switcher does is goes into registry and keep proxy settings as read-only, for most of the time, to prevent group policy settings from being applied to proxy settings.