Proxy Switcher's proxy list managment

By default proxy switcher downloads and parses proxy lists from quite many public resources. For each of these resources a script is written that handles particular website. And that usually is enough. But if you want to add more servers from lists of your own, there are multiple ways to do that.

Copy-Paste method

Simplest method is just copying and pasting text for example from browser into Proxy Switcher. Program will attempt to parse text and pull out anything that looks like IPAddress:port. Similarily you can copy servers from Proxy Switcher and paste it into any text editor.

Downloading lists from the web (PRO version only)

Obviously there are resources that are not covered by the default lists included in the Proxy Switcher. It is possible to add them, to be downloaded and parsed every time all the proxy lists are downloaded. Program will look for addresses in form of IPAddress:port.
Simplest way to add URL to Proxy Switcher is to drag and drop it from any major web browser to the "User defined Proxy Lists" window. Additionally you can specify username & password for the sites that are protected using HTTP Basic authentication.

Importing server list from text file

You can import proxy lists from text files into current folder of the Proxy Switcher by clicking File->Import from text file... from menu. Program expects each line of file to consist of entry in format IPAddress:port or username:password@IPAddress:port. Which means that entries like these are valid and will be accepted:

Export to text file

Proxy Switcher can export selected proxy servers to the text file in same format as the import expects. Click on File->Export to text file... in main menu.