Proxy Switcher Support

Frequently Asked Questions
  • All the servers are dead!?!
  • I have placed N tickets and haven't heard back from you!
    • All tickets get a response, sort your e-mail system (check spam folder, use different e-mail provider etc.)

  • Where can I download Pro version installation?
    • There is only one installator which contains both Standard and Pro versions. Available features are determined by your keycode.

  • I placed an order but haven't received the keycode yet?
    • Often reason for that is mail getting stuck in your spam filters, so check them. The other usual cause is that you entered wrong e-mail address when the order was placed. Also sometimes orders have to be manually verified for the transaction safety reasons thus it can take some time. If you haven't received your keycode in 24 hours - submit a ticket.

  • How do I get updated versions?
    • Just install latest version from site, it will remain registered if you have the key.

  • More information available in the knowledgebase.

Technical support and latest upgrades are provided to our registered users free of charge.